Mr. McMurray has mediated and arbitrated numerous cases involving unsuitability, unauthorized trading, churning, fraud and misrepresentation, failure to supervise, and other retail brokerage conflicts. He has also handled disputes between registered representatives and their employers on such issues as non-compete clauses and unlawful termination.


Contracts govern almost all commercial transactions. Mr. McMurray has mediated many cases involving breach of contract and contract interpretation in a variety of business contexts, both complex and simple.


Mr. McMurray is a mediator for the 800 MHz Transition Administrator *, an organization created by the Federal Communications Commission to oversee the reconfiguration of the 800 MHz band. He has mediated dozens of cases between parties concerning the costs and legal responsibilities surrounding this complex and highly technical undertaking


Mr. McMurray’s experience in construction mediation includes breach of construction contracts, and homeowner complaints about damage to their homes arising from nearby construction work.

Retail Customer Complaints:


Mr. McMurray has mediated disputes between car dealerships and their customers.

Personal Injury:

Aside from general commercial matters, Mr. McMurray has extensive experience in personal injury cases including automobile accidents, public transportation accidents, train derailments, slip and falls, and unsafe environments.  He is also an arbitrator for AAA asbestos cases.

Other Conflicts:

Additional areas in which Mr. McMurray has provided dispute resolution services include legal malpractice, employment discrimination, and insurance coverage.

* Nothing contained in this website is intended to be construed as marketing mediation services to 800 MHz licensees.